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Hosted by:

9-12 November, 2017

Hosted by:

9-12 November, 2017

Seoul Competitor FAQs, Barista Base Camp, and Teams Update!

October is almost upon us, and it’s hard to believe we’re so close to Seoul! We’ve got some important updates to share with competitors to ensure that your experience at WBC is world-class. Frequently Asked [...]

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Over 60 national barista champions from around the globe will compete for the World Barista Champion title, live in front of the crowds at Cafe Show Seoul, host of the 2017 World Barista Championship, Title Sponsored this year by Ediya Coffee.

The Coex Exhibition Centre in the Gangnam area will be brimming with energy from 9-12 November, with baristas preparing 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks, and 4 original signature drinks to exacting standards in 15 minutes.

After debuting in Dublin, the WBC Teams competition returns this year, with competitors paired together in 10 groups to reward support and collaboration between baristas.

To join in the excitement, you can register for a pass here, or following the livestreams, rankings, schedules and coverage right here at worldbaristachampionship.org

2017 WBC Competitors

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