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Victoria Arduino (Nuova Simonelli)
Qualified Espresso Machine
The Victoria Arduino “Black Eagle”

image001 (1)Victoria Arduino is a brand that has made the history of coffee in the world and today it also represents the future. Since 1905 coffee machines with this brand combine the best technical aspect to a particularly elegant design. Continuing in combining perfectly aspects of functionality and design, today Victoria Arduino is enriched by the most innovative technologies and has also turned to the area of specialty. The VA388 Black Eagle, the new official coffee machine of the WBC, it’s the ultimate expression of Victoria Arduino brand. For more info: www.victoriaarduino.com


Qualified Espresso Grinder
K30 Vario Air and EK43



Mahlkoenig K30

K30 Vario Air

These grind-on-demand espresso grinders ensure hands-free operation and electronically controlled, variable programming for exact portioning. The grinders start automatically when inserting the port-a-filter and grinding time is less than 2 seconds for a single espresso of 7 gram. The stepless grind adjustment guarantees the highest flexibility possible for every coffee blend. For more information about the K30 Vario Air and EK43, please visit www.mahlkoenig.de.


Qualified Cleaning Products 
EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner

EVO1kgCafetto is a specialist manufacturer of cleaning and sanitation products for espresso, coffee brewing and dispensing equipment.

Cafetto prides itself on innovative and thoughtful solutions always keeping abreast of customers’ needs to ensure a clean machine every time.

Get the best from your equipment, keep it Cafetto Clean.

DaVinci Gourmet-1

DaVinci Gourmet
WBC Gold Sponsor

Inspired by Flavour, craft and science, enabling baristas to create delicious recipes without
limitation, DaVinci Gourmet brings a unique palette of flavours to your traditional offering
of speciality beverages. Now available in over 60 countries and proud sponsors of the World Barista Championships since their inception, DaVinci Gourmet is dedicated to meeting the needs of the ever-expanding speciality coffee industry.


GSC International
WBC Gold Sponsor & Apron Sponsor


Espresso Supply & Rattleware
WBC Silver Sponsor: Exclusive Smallwares & Digital Media

Espresso Supply Inc. is an established smallwares supplier serving the specialty coffee industry globally. From cafés to corporate programs, our customers rely on our broad product line, which includes pitchers, thermometers, knock boxes and tampers, all designed to improve coffee quality, promote efficient retail operations and help ensure customer satisfaction.

WBC Bronze Sponsor

With a 100 years of international innovation, with more than 140 flavours in 140 countries, MONIN is a proud supporter of the World Barista Championship and World Coffee in Good Spirits. Building on our heritage, MONIN offers a range of premium syrups, sauces and fruit mixes ensuring ultimate taste and ultimate creativity for baristas around the world.

Sami (Torani) Logo

Sami Corporation
WBC Bronze Sponsor

WBC Bronze Sponsor

HARIO is a Japanese heat-resistant glassware company which was founded in 1921. Innovative glassware and utensil for drinking coffee such as V60 coffee dripper and TCA Syphon give not only special taste, but also time, value and relationship to the customer and barista in the world.

DCS, Co. Ltd.
WBC Official Livestream Partner

DCS is a supplier of professional coffee equipment and service to Japan. We supply high quality specialty coffee, coffee machine equipment, and ancillaries. We also offer education services and hospitality consultation, that results in consistent quality for customers. DCS Asia extends the delightful, comfortable service of DCS from Japan and beyond.

Ally Coffee
WBC Origin Trip Sponsor

We at Ally Coffee are honored to be the origin trip sponsor for the WBC. We know that baristas are some of the most important ambassadors for our industry as a whole, and we are delighted to recognize their hard work and dedication by providing this trip to origin!


Swiss Water
WBC Competitor Orientation Sponsor

Swiss Water® Process is amazing coffee without caffeine. Starting with small batches of the finest specialty coffee we can source, Swiss Water® produces coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free. Using green coffee extract and water, our 100% chemical free process ensures only caffeine is removed. The integrity of the bean is preserved so the roaster and barista can unlock it’s inherent flavor potential. We proudly support the barista craft and celebrate all of the WBC Competitors. Good Luck!

MTC Group
WBC Judges Program Sponsor

WBC Espresso Bar


Espresso Sponsor

Daterra means “from the earth” in Portuguese, and it is from there – the earth – that we cultivate with respect to the environment, technology and good people, high quality green coffee beans to be exported and consumed all over the globe.

Espresso Bar Equipment Sponsors


WBC Brew Bar



Title Sponsor

Marco Beverage Systems Ltd. designs and manufactures the finest hot water delivery systems for commercial brewing of tea and coffee. We work directly with our customers to deliver specific machines for specific solutions, marrying technological and brewing excellence within the Marco range of products, striving to meet user needs.


Ceramics Sponsor

LOVERAMICS is a young and energetic brand making contemporary tabletop items that are functional and fun. Our Professional Coffee Cups are designed for all coffee lovers and baristas. Manufactured under SCAE and SCAA standards, the cup allows every specialty coffee to develop its full flavour. Available in 9 colours, 3 designs and various sizes.

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Brew Bar Coffee Sponsors

WBC Team Bar

Puq Press_Puq Logo Colour

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